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Mar 27 2020
Many people in our community are feeling worried about COVID-19, our team is here to support you. Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 informati...

Team Harley - City2Surf 2017

Jun 27 2017
Mum Danielle puts it beautifully: "Why we started Team Harley: To raise awareness for Congenital Heart Disease in memory of our amazing...

Halor's story

Jun 23 2017
One of our patients, Halor, was featured on The Children's Hospital at Westmead's Facebook page this week:     ...

Selected publications from staff at the Heart Centre for Children


Under review

Parents' perceptions of genetics services for congenital heart disease: The role of demographic, clinical and psychological factors in determining service attendance.
Kasparian NA, Fidock B, Sholler GF, Camphausen C, Murphy D, Cooper S, Kaul R, Jones O, Winlaw DS, Kirk EP.
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Psychological well-being and posttraumatic stress associated with implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy in young patients with genetic heart disease.
Ingles J, Sarina T, Kasparian NA, Semsarian C.
International Journal of Cardiology. Under review.



A Universal and Robust Integrated Platform for the Scalable Production of Human Cardiomyocytes From Pluripotent Stem Cells.
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Somatic mutations in NKX25, GATA4, and HAND1 are not a common cause of tetralogy of Fallot or hypoplastic left heart.
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Kasparian NA.
Symposium entitled: Holding hearts and minds together: Experiences of infants and families affected by congenital heart disease.
Infant Mental Health Journal 2010; 32 (3 Suppl.): 104.



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