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Mar 27 2020
Many people in our community are feeling worried about COVID-19, our team is here to support you. Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 informati...

Team Harley - City2Surf 2017

Jun 27 2017
Mum Danielle puts it beautifully: "Why we started Team Harley: To raise awareness for Congenital Heart Disease in memory of our amazing...

Halor's story

Jun 23 2017
One of our patients, Halor, was featured on The Children's Hospital at Westmead's Facebook page this week:     ...

Kids Heart Research Publications - 2012


Altered cellular localization of aquaporin-1 in experimental hydrocephalus in mice and reduced ventriculomegaly in aquaporin-1 deficiency.
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Jan-2011
Wang D, Nykanen M, Yang N, Winlaw DS, North K, Verkman AS, Owler BK. 

When hearts and minds meet: A psychological perspective on fetal cardiac diagnosis.
Infant Mental Health Journal, Jan-2011
Kasparian NA.

Congenital Heart Disease.
Australian Doctor, Jan-2011
Sholler GF, Kasparian N, Winlaw DS. 

Increased connective tissue growth factor associated with cardiac fibrosis in the mdx mouse model of dystrophic cardiomyopathy.
International Journal of Experimental Pathology, Feb-2011
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Cardiac Aquaporins: Significance in Health and Disease.
Heart Rate and Rhythm, Mar-2011
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Fetal and post-natal diagnosis of major congenital heart disease: implications for medical and psychological care in the current era.
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, Mar-2011
Sholler GF, Kasparian NA, Pye VE, Cole AD, Winlaw DS. 

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome in context.
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, Apr-2011
Winlaw DS, Badawi N, Jacobe S, Kasparian NA, Cooper SG, Murphy DN, Sherwood MC, Roberts P, Leclair K, Scarfe G, Sholler GF. 

Snoring is not associated with adverse effects on blood pressure, arterial structure or function in 8-year-old children: the Childhood Asthma Prevention Study (CAPS).
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, Apr-2011
Marshall NS, Ayer JG, Toelle BG, Harmer JA, Phillips CL, Grunstein RR, Celermajer DS, Marks GB.

Investigation of association between PFO complicated by cryptogenic stroke and a common variant of the cardiac transcription factor GATA4.
PLOS One, Jun-2011
Moradi Marjaneh M, Kirk EP, Posch MG, Ozcelik C, Berger F, Hetzer R, Otway R, Butler TL, Blue GM, Griffiths LR, Fatkin D, Martinson JJ, Winlaw DS, Feneley MP, Harvey RP.

Tinman/Nkx2-5 acts via miR-1 and upstream of Cdc42 to regulate heart function across species
Journal of Cell Biology, Jun-2011
Qian L, Wythe JD, Liu J, Cartry J, Vogler G, Mohapatra B, Otway RT, Huang Y, King IN, Maillet M, Zheng Y, Crawley T, Taghli-Lamallem O, Semsarian C, Dunwoodie S, Winlaw DS, Harvey RP, Fatkin D, Towbin JA, Molkentin JD, Srivastava D, Ocorr K, Bruneau BG, Bodmer R. 

Maternal cigarette smoking is associated with reduced high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in healthy 8-year-old children.
European Heart Journal, Jun-2011
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Five-year analysis of operative mortality and neonatal outcomes in congenital heart disease.
Heart, Lung and Circulation, Jul-2011
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Somatic mutations in NKX2–5, GATA4, and HAND1 are not a common cause of tetralogy of Fallot or hypoplastic left heart.
American Journal of Medical Genetics, Aug-2011
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Where to now for paediatric cardiac surgery?
ANZ Journal of Surgery, Oct-2011
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Lung function is associated with arterial stiffness in children.
PLOS One, Oct-2011
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Leadership, Surgeon Well-Being, and Other Non-technical Aspects of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. In: Lipshultz SE, Jacobs JP, Barach PR, editors.
Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Care, Dec-2011
Winlaw DS, Large MM, Jacobs JP, Barach PR.


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