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Referring a Child to the Heart Centre

Referrals for cardiac assessment and review can be made to one of our Cardiac Clinics. A referral is required before a patient can be seen by one of our Cardiologists. We accept referrals via our fax (02) 9845 2163 & email on

Referrals should be made by a medical practitioner and include the following information:

  • Doctor's provider number
  • Practice address
  • Practice contact details
  • Addressed to one of our Cardiologists (See below listing)

Patient information required on the referral:

  • Full patient name and (for paediatric patients) parent/guardian/carer name & address details
  • Contact mobile phone number
  • Patient's date of birth
  • Any interpreter requirements
  • Relevant medical history
  • Medications
  • Investigation results
  • Physical examination results and presenting problem with GP diagnosis

Cardiologists within the Heart Centre for Children:

  • Dr Julian Ayer - Paediatric Cardiologist
  • Dr Stephen Cooper - Paediatric & Fetal Cardiologist
  • Dr Jonathan Forsey - Paediatric & Fetal Cardiologist
  • Dr Claire Irving - Paediatric Cardiologist
  • Dr Jonathan Mervis - Paediatric & Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr Philip Roberts - Paediatric & Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr Megan Sherwood - Paediatric & Fetal Cardiologist
  • A/Prof Gary Sholler Paediatric & Fetal Cardiologist
  • Dr Christian Turner Paediatric Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist
  • Dr Paul Adams - Paediatric Cardiologist
  • Dr Ganesh Gnanappa - Paediatric Cardiologist

For routine new cases the current waiting list may be several months as priority is given to the youngest or most unwell patients.

If you feel early review is needed we would suggest making direct contact with one of the cardiologists in our team through the Heart Centre (contact us) or their Private Rooms.  Alternative options for elective cases would be to seek initial triage through a paediatrician. Emergency cases should be directed to the Emergency Department where they will be evaluated and, if need be, a cardiologist called.

If your medical practitioner advises you that you have an urgent referral, and you have not received a response from us within five business days, please call us on 9845 2345. For all other referrals, if you have not been contacted by us within four weeks, please call on 9845 2345.

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