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NRL Grand Final tickets help the Heart Centre

Posted by Kylie Flament on 7 October 2014

The father of one of our patients gave up his NRL Grand Final tickets over the weekend to be at his child's bedside, asking 2GB to auction them off to raise much-needed funds for the Heart Centre for Children.  With this act of generosity, Blake brought in $4,000 for us, which will go a long way towards our purchase of a new Heart Lung Machine.  Here's the email he sent to Ray Hadley that kicked it all off:

Evening Ray,
I have listened often over the years and therefore new you'd be the man that could make this happen....if possible of course?
I'm sending you this message from the Edgar Stephan Ward at the Children's Hospital, Westmead - where my now 15 day old son is recovering from life-saving heart surgery. To give you the brief rundown, we found out at the 20 week mark during pregnancy that he would need a bypass (arterial switch) within the first couple of weeks of life - he was 4 days old when complications brought the procedure forward and after an agonising 6 hour operation he was fixed. Both major arteries had been moved into there correct position and the 1mm wide coronary arteries moved with them. A miracle you may say - perhaps, but only possible because we are lucky enough to live here in Australia. The experience has been strange and confronting but we have met the most brilliant and caring people one could ever meet, truly inspiring individuals - from the surgeons to the nursing staff - exceptional. Sadly, we have also seen people going through far worse than we could ever comprehend.
There are families from all walks of life here - no race, religion or suburb is singled out for this harrowing experience.
Anyway, to my reason for making contact - The surgery looks to be a compete success and we should all be out of here soon - but not before the GF this Sunday to which I have 2 gold member tickets (20 rows back between the southern try line and 22) (Valued at $250 each). As its Friday I thought you could throw them up for auction with any and all proceeds going to the Cardiac unit at the Children's Hospital Westmead? Understand if it's too late but it would be appreciated if you could put the auctioneers hat on and see what we can do for this wonderful hospital, its exceptional staff and the families I have met that will still be here this Christmas.
I know we all have a lot to whinge about sometimes - but being Australian should never be one of them.
This is still the lucky country.
All the best,
Blake - (and my good mate Simon who is happy to give up his ticket as well)

Thank you so much, Blake and Simon, 2GB and the purchasers of the tickets!

Kylie FlamentAuthor: Kylie Flament
About: As the manager of the Heart Centre for Children, Kylie is engaged in all sorts of activities to help us deliver excellent care for patients and families through fundraising, managing our finances, hiring good staff and keeping communication flowing.
Connect via: LinkedIn
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