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Feb 22 2022
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Our Heart Babies (by nurse Julie)

Posted by Kylie Flament on 18 July 2013

Julie, one of our lovely nurses, was inspired to write a few words about a little patient that visited recently and who made a big impact... 

Our Heart Babies

Baby T came to visit today.  With her rosy cheeks, cheeky smile and big angel eyes.  Daddy proudly placed her on the ground and said "Julie, look!  She's a walker!"  And with that, T toddled towards me, arms outstretched, eager and giggling.

I crouched down as she walked confidently to me and fell into my arms, looking so proud of herself.  We cuddled and she never once pulled away.  She was so relaxed and happy, and glad to see me even!

The joy on her parents' faces was clear and especially heartwarming because I remember a time not so long ago you see...  Baby T was in a different place.  Sad and cranky after having her heart fixed, she didn't like nurses in blue - me included!  Waving her little hands in front of her, saying "no, no" in her tiny little voice.  Determined and headstrong, she wasn't having any of it.  Mum and Dad were stressed and tired with worry for their baby girl.  At times the struggle to let us do what we needed to do must have seemed endless.  Days must have felt like weeks while their baby girl was in pain.

Yes, our job can be bittersweet at times.  Days of sorrow and grief and worry, mixed in with days of uplifting joy.  You see, we feel it just as surely as if it was our baby lying there.  We are entrusted with these little people and their families.  We laught with them and cry with them and share in the joy after the hard times are gone.

The rewards are great, the riches immeasurable when you look into those angel eyes and see that beautiful smile, all the pain gone.  And you see the promise of a new chapter in that tiny life.  A hopeful, joyful time.  With a now healthy heart.

Kylie FlamentAuthor:Kylie Flament
About: As the manager of the Heart Centre for Children, Kylie is engaged in all sorts of activities to help us deliver excellent care for patients and families through fundraising, managing our finances, hiring good staff and keeping communication flowing.
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